Tap Into Your Senses to Improve Your Writing

– By Beth Carter

A creative writing class I took in college many years ago has always stuck with me. The professor, Jo Van Arkel, was a talented writer and a caring teacher. She had the ability to make a rock creative (and I told her so). I took three of her classes–Expository Writing, Creative Writing I, and Creative Writing II. I adored the challenge of each class, loved writing essays, short stories, fiction, and non-fiction. But one of the exercises really stood out as a way to strengthen my writing by simply looking, listening, touching, smelling, and tasting. Here it is:

Observation Exercise

Choose a location–indoors or out–quiet or noisy. Notice everyone and everything around you. Tap into all five of your senses for an hour minimum and write everything down. (There was probably a bit more on the instruction sheet but this is the gist of it.)


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About NevaBrown

Neva Brown, a retired secondary teacher/administrator, now enjoys the challenge of writing romance novels and doing editing for other romance writers. She has even ventured into the social media world of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as having a website; nevabrown-author@weebly.com . Neva lived on West Texas ranches most of her life and uses that culture and environment in many of her stories. She and her husband now live at Rio Concho West in San Angelo, Texas. They are amazed at how well they have adjusted to ‘city’ living. Neva loves to hear from her readers. She can be reached at joneva@suddenlink.net
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