Sentence Structure and Punctuation

Hi, everyone. Today, I’d like to discuss proper sentence construction and punctuation. Pretty boring, right? But, it’s also a very important skill to have, whether you’re an author, a businessperson, or both.  So, I’ll briefly go over what makes up a sentence, common errors in punctuation, and how to easily correct them.

What is a Sentence?

  • A sentence is a group of words which expresses a complete thought.
  • It contains a subject and a verb.

Two common errors are Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences.

To understand how to correct Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences, you must first be able to recognize a Clause.

SantaNo, not that clause.

  • An Independent Clause, which is the main clause of a sentence.  It can stand alone as a complete sentence. It makes sense by itself, and therefore expresses a complete thought.
  • A Comma Splice is the use of a comma to incorrectly join two independent…

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Neva Brown, a retired secondary teacher/administrator, now enjoys the challenge of writing romance novels and doing editing for other romance writers. She has even ventured into the social media world of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as having a website; . Neva lived on West Texas ranches most of her life and uses that culture and environment in many of her stories. She and her husband now live at Rio Concho West in San Angelo, Texas. They are amazed at how well they have adjusted to ‘city’ living. Neva loves to hear from her readers. She can be reached at
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