Susan’s in the House! Please Welcome Susan Hanniford Crowley to the Blogathon!

Susan waiting-in-line-for-the-masquerageToday I’ve got Susan Hanniford Crowley at the Blogathon! And she’s doing a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.
Welcome, Susan! Tell us all about you! What would you most like your readers to know?

Hi! I’m Susan Hanniford Crowley, author of Vampire King of New York. Writing about King Max and his quest for true love was a blast. Max is handsome and regal in a good way, but he sometimes makes mistakes, funny ones.

Little girls attacking or protecting their PeteOn a personal note, I love dogs and cats. My dog Pete died a few months ago. He was fifteen and a half and we still miss him terribly. He raised our two kitten sisters Bella and Buffy. They were found by a rescue group abandoned in a box on a city street and were feed with eyedroppers. They miss Pete too. They used to hug and kiss and bounce all over him…

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About NevaBrown

Neva Brown, a retired secondary teacher/administrator, now enjoys the challenge of writing romance novels and doing editing for other romance writers. She has even ventured into the social media world of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as having a website; . Neva lived on West Texas ranches most of her life and uses that culture and environment in many of her stories. She and her husband now live at Rio Concho West in San Angelo, Texas. They are amazed at how well they have adjusted to ‘city’ living. Neva loves to hear from her readers. She can be reached at
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